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Albino Animals

Paperback Book

ISBN: 978-1-4358-9854-7
Program: Crazy Nature
Features: Fact Sheets, Pronunciation Guide, Glossary, Index, Web Sites

Albinism is not exclusive to cute bunnies with pink eyes. Readers learn why different types of animals are born this way, and about the challenges they must face in their natural environments. Students will be fascinated with striking photographs and engaging text that explains all about pigments, melanin, and the difference between leucistic animals and albinos.

ISBN: 9781435898547
Paperback Book
© Year: 2010
Program: Crazy Nature
Reading Level: Grade 2 - Grade 3
DRA: 28
EIL: 20
Lexile: 570
Size: 9" x 9"

Series Review: Crazy Nature
"This high-interest series combines attention-grabbing information with a well-organized format. Some of nature's most unusual patterns, defenses, and mutations are explored, and the books have spectacular color photography and eye-popping facts that will appeal to fans of the “Guinness World Records” series. Each title includes an up-close investigation, of, for example, the causes of albinism and unusual manifestations of the condition, and concludes with a summary placing the topic in the wider context of nature. Albino Animals is of particular interest because of its unusual subject matter. These books are excellent for reports..."
—School Library Journal

Book Review: Albino Animals
"Good binding, excellent photos, clean explanations and all the research tools with the exception of a book bibliography make this a great addition for any library...The fact that there are few books at the elementary level written on this topic is reason enough for purchase."
—Sally McMinn, #16, School, Assoc. of Reg. XI School Librarians, Fort Worth, TX