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Spotlight on Texas: The Growth and Development of The Lone Star State (Interactive eBook Complete Collection/Single User License)

Interactive eBook Set

ISBN: 978-1-4488-0004-9
Program: Spotlight on Texas: The Growth and Development of The Lone Star State

Created just for Texas state studies, this web-hosted resource contains the rich multimedia content of all 12 interactive eBooks from the Spotlight on Texas series. These innovative teaching tools layer the series texts with Audio, Video, Photos, Primary Sources, clickable Maps, scrolling dynamic timelines, additional biographical content, and more. The interactive eBooks are vivid on any computer display, fully interactive, and compatible with touch technology of SMART, Mimio, Promethean, and other interactive whiteboards. The Library license is intended for purchase by librarians and media specialists for library/reference use.

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ISBN: 9781448800049
Interactive eBook Set
Reading Level: Grade 2 - Grade 3

Alamo - Interactive eBook - 9781615325023
American Civil War in Texas - Interactive eBook - 9781615325146
Anglo-American Colonization of Texas - Interactive eBook - 9781615325054
Cattle and Oil - Interactive eBook - 9781615325177
Causes and Effects of the Texas Revolution - Interactive eBook - 9781615325085
Celebrating Texas - Interactive eBook - 9781615325269
Early Explorers of Texas - Interactive eBook - 9781615324965
Governing Texas - Interactive eBook - 9781615325238
Land and Resources of Texas - Interactive eBook - 9781615325207
Life in the Republic of Texas - Interactive eBook - 9781615325115
Missions of Texas - Interactive eBook - 9781615324996
Native Americans in Texas - Interactive eBook - 9781615324927

Spotlight on Texas: The Growth and Development of The Lone Star State

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Series Review: Spotlight on Texas
"With concise and accurate information, these books are good for beginning Texana researchers...Large historical and modern photos, illustrations, and maps, most in full color, appear on every page. Captions are detailed and include additional tidbits. Attractive and useful for Texas libraries."
—School Library Journal