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Spotlight on Texas: The Growth and Development of The Lone Star State

Audio Book Set : 1 CD of Each Audio Book

ISBN: 978-1-4488-1744-3
Program: Spotlight on Texas: The Growth and Development of The Lone Star State

This companion audio-only set provides access to essential Texas history content for struggling readers and English learners. It can be used to build content awareness, develop active listening skills, and increase aural capacity and overall reading ability.
• About the Narrations: Created just for Texas state studies, this unique collection presents the history of Texas from its early beginnings to the present. Each audio file explores a different aspect of Texas history within the context of the influences of the Western Hemisphere. Listeners will gain a deeper understanding and respect for the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of the great state of Texas.
• When paired with any of the Spotlight on Texas print sets, students are treated to a fantastic multi-media immersion of the Lone Star State, while strengthening visual learning, vocabulary, and fluency skill.

ISBN: 9781448817443
Audio Book Set
Reading Level: Grade 2 - Grade 3

Alamo - Audio Book - 9781448818235
American Civil War in Texas - Audio Book - 9781448818242
Anglo-American Colonization of Texas - Audio Book - 9781448818259
Cattle and Oil - Audio Book - 9781448818266
Causes and Effects of the Texas Revolution - Audio Book - 9781448818273
Celebrating Texas - Audio Book - 9781448818280
Early Explorers of Texas - Audio Book - 9781448818211
Governing Texas - Audio Book - 9781448818297
Land and Resources of Texas - Audio Book - 9781448818303
Life in the Republic of Texas - Audio Book - 9781448818310
Missions of Texas - Audio Book - 9781448818228
Native Americans in Texas - Audio Book - 9781448818204
Series Review: Spotlight on Texas
"With concise and accurate information, these books are good for beginning Texana researchers...Large historical and modern photos, illustrations, and maps, most in full color, appear on every page. Captions are detailed and include additional tidbits. Attractive and useful for Texas libraries."
—School Library Journal