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Jumping Spiders

Paperback Book

ISBN: 978-1-4488-5165-2
Program: Jump!
Features: Fact Sheets, Glossary, Pronunciation Guide, Index, Web Sites

Jumping spiders do not have huge legs like kangaroos or grasshoppers, but they are still capable to jumping great distances. Their secret is in their special internal hydraulic system that lets them jump several times their own body length. Young scientists will find out about the other unique adaptations of these vertically ambitious arachnids, while enjoying the full-color photographs and informative text.

ISBN: 9781448851652
Paperback Book
© Year: 2012
Program: Jump!
Reading Level: Grade 2 - Grade 3
DRA: 20
EIL: 24
Lexile: 570
Size: 9" x 9"