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Spotlight on New York

Interactive eBook Set

ISBN: 978-1-4488-5955-9
Program: Spotlight on New York

New York is a state that is defined not only by its uniquely beautiful landscape, but by its rich and diverse people and its fascinating history. This comprehensive series provides a well-researched overview of the Empire State, including its geography, history, and industries. Each book contains primary sources including maps, period paintings, and important documents. Readers also gain an insight into the personalities who played crucial roles in developing and defining all that is New York.

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ISBN: 9781448859559
Interactive eBook Set
Reading Level: Grade 3 - Grade 4

American Revolution in New York - Interactive eBook - 9781448857890
British Colony of New York - Interactive eBook - 9781448857913
Economic Growth of New York - Interactive eBook - 9781448857944
Erie Canal - Interactive eBook - 9781448892099
Key Leaders in Colonial New York - Interactive eBook - 9781448857920
Land and Resources of New York - Interactive eBook - 9781448857883
Melting Pot - Interactive eBook - 9781448857951
Native Americans - Interactive eBook - 9781448857876
New York - Interactive eBook - 9781448857906
New York's Early Explorers - Interactive eBook - 9781448857975
New York's Government - Interactive eBook - 9781448857937
New York's Industrial Growth - Interactive eBook - 9781448857982
New York's Role in the New Nation - Interactive eBook - 9781448857968

Spotlight on New York

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Series Review: Spotlight on New York
"A perfect way to jump start a Common Core focused collection of literary non-fiction. High value add-ons like voice actor text-to speech, dynamic maps and timelines, and definitions make these books a great investment."
—Chris Harris, Genessee Valley BOCES, NY