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Everyday Life in Ancient India

6-Pack : 6 Copies of This Paperback

ISBN: 978-1-4488-6398-3
Program: Jr. Graphic Ancient Civilizations
Features: Historical Context Overview, Fact Sheets, Glossary, Pronunciation Guide, Index, Web Sites, Illustrated

In this exciting volume, readers take a journey down the Ganges to Ancient India and peer into the life of a garland-maker. The book also elaborates on the ways of life and religious beliefs that shaped ancient Indian communities. Easy-to-follow language helps readers find out about the caste system, culture, economy, and government as they follow this garland maker and his family through a typical day in Ancient India.

ISBN: 9781448863983
Author: Kirsten Holm
© Year: 2012
Program: Jr. Graphic Ancient Civilizations
Reading Level: Grade 2 - Grade 3
DRA: 24
EIL: 26
Lexile: 570
Size: 6 1/2" x 10"