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CyberSmarts: Staying Safe Online

Interactive eBook Set

ISBN: 978-1-4488-6666-3
Program: CyberSmarts: Staying Safe Online

This interactive collection for grades 3 – 6 offers users a safe, simulated Internet experience with hands-on instruction on how to deal with important online safety issues. Today's technology and the Internet offer users myriad ways of keeping in touch, but it is crucial students understand the dangers of risks of connecting with others online. The set covers topics ranging from cyberbullying and online predators to social networks and online privacy. The eBook experience contains a series of fun, engaging “simulations” geared specifically to the topic. Users will create usernames, choose avatars, chat, send messages/email, create profiles, and receive friend invitations—all in a safe, controlled environment. For example, Stopping Cyberbullying shows users how to deal with online bullying, including collecting evidence against a bully and asking an adult for help, while Using Social Networks focuses on creating a secure online profile and making smart choices about sharing information online. Additional eBook features include embedded safety tips, vocabulary terms defined in context, sidebars that further explore important or high-interest material, and credible, vetted resources to find help or get more information.

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ISBN: 9781448866663
Interactive eBook Set
Reading Level: Grade 3 - Grade 4

Avoiding Predators Online - Interactive eBook - 9781448866427
Playing Games Online - Interactive eBook - 9781448866458
Protecting Your Privacy Online - Interactive eBook - 9781448866434
Stopping Cyberbullying - Interactive eBook - 9781448866441
Using Social Networks - Interactive eBook - 9781448866465

CyberSmarts: Staying Safe Online

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Series Review: CyberSmarts:Staying Safe Online
"Engaging, informative, and interactive. Highly Recommended."
—JoAnn Conlon, Spring Branch ISD, TX

Series Review: CyberSmarts:Staying Safe Online
"Clean and easy to use...The simulations add an impressively engaging element to the ebooks that allow students to immediately practice the skills they learn through the text. This series is one good way to address [state technology] standards...A solid bang for the buck."
—School Library Journal

Series Review: CyberSmarts:Staying Safe Online
"An accessible and informative way to ensure young people are safe, responsible, and smart citizens of our increasingly digital world."
—Joanne de Groot, University of Alberta

Series Review: CyberSmarts:Staying Safe Online
"Ingenious...This is an exciting resource."