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Graphic Organizers: The Core Collection for Grades K – 6


ISBN: 978-1-4488-6719-6
Program: Rosen Classroom Smart Visuals
Features: Activities, Age Appropriate and Achievable Content, Graphic Organizers, Illustrated, Resource For Visual Learners, Written by Experts


Interactive, Scaffolded Educational Tools that support all learners. This comprehensive online resource contains over 100 digital graphic organizers that are fillable, printable, customizable, and affordable. Teachers and educators can use these resources on all whiteboards, LCD projectors, and document cameras, and they are compatible with all PC and Mac platforms. Leading educational researcher Edwin Ellis, Ph.D. and speech-language pathologist Linda A. Ellis, M.A.,CCC created these scientific research-based graphic organizers to improve students' essential understanding of core concepts. Clear, easy-to-implement routines minimize planning time, help differentiate instruction, and enable teachers to evaluate student comprehension. This collection helps teachers organize and plan lessons that are aligned with Common Core standards. Rosen Classroom Smart Visuals help students to develop the cognitive skills necessary to analyze information, think critically and creatively, solve problems, and communicate effectively. Delivered online, this collection contains 100 Smart Visual templates, and 200 modeled examples of SmartVisuals' use in the classroom. The software includes robust teacher support in the form of research-based routines, guidance in scaffolding instruction, and support for implementing the Common Core Standards. License for use by 1 teacher in a classroom.

ISBN: 9781448867196
© Year: 2012
Program: Rosen Classroom Smart Visuals
Reading Level: Kindergarten - Grade 6