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Why Do Diamonds Sparkle?

All About Earth's Resources

Paperback Book

ISBN: 978-1-61531-919-0
Program: Solving Science Mysteries
Features: Activities, Fact Boxes, Glossary, Index, Web Sites

Where are gems and gold mined? Why do we need forests? Is plastic harmful? Kids will find the answers to these and many more questions about the world's natural resources in this lively and informative book.

ISBN: 9781615319190
Paperback Book
© Year: 2010
Program: Solving Science Mysteries
Reading Level: Grade 4 - Grade 5
DRA: 38
EIL: 28
Lexile: 750
Size: 7 1/8" x 8 1/2"

Series Review: Solving Science Mysteries
"Colorful cutout photographs and attractive graphics illustrate each book, and the text is enhanced with numerous diagrams, maps, and drawings. The writing style and layout, plus the depth of information included, would make the series good for beginning researchers."
—Library Media Connection