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Help your students learn how to read and understand informational text as required by the Common Core State Standards.

  • 65 leveled nonfiction books built from the ground up to teach each of the specific Common Core Math Standards
  • Offers a complimentary perspective to Rosen Common Core Math Readers
  • Uses multiple approaches, tools, and strategies to solve each math problem
  • Relevant Common Core Standards on the back of each book for easy reference
  • Context-based problems and principles allow students to make connections to real life and allow for deeper learning

Teacher's Guide with Lesson Plans and Assessment: Lesson plans for each book aid teachers in implementing highly focused, rigorous instruction for each of the Common Core Math Standards. An assessment strand throughout each lesson plan provides both cumulative and summative assessment so that teachers can best evaluate and respond to their students' needs. Content-area extensions in social studies, science, reading, and writing help students to reinforce their math skills by approaching them from a new perspective.

Use with The Rosen Common Core Math Readers Program to teach the same math skills in unique ways

  • Greatest individualization, adaptation, and modification possible