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Financial Literacy Database NEW!


ISBN: 978-1-4777-0429-5
Program: Financial Literacy Online Resource
Features: A-Z List of Subject-specific Entries, Age Appropriate and Achievable Content, Activities, Fact Boxes, Fact Sheets

School districts nationwide have identified an urgent need to provide students with comprehensive, accessible, and up-to-the-minute financial literacy content. Rosen has answered the call with its new Financial Literacy Online Resource, the latest in its growing roster of award-winning and critically-acclaimed online offerings.

Rosen's Financial Literacy Online Resource is robust, interactive, and fun! Featuring ever-changing “In the News” and “Take a Closer Look” features, interactive elements like polls, financial calculators, and dynamic audio and video components, the database brings economics to life, in full color, with an eye toward both history and what is happening right now in the boardrooms, on the exchange floor, out in the streets, and around the kitchen table. The database speaks over 50 languages with instant article translation. Text-to-speech allows students to listen to article content and read along as the text is highlighted. Social bookmarking allows users to connect friends and family to intriguing economics content, whether it be poignant vignettes from the Great Depression, good money management and financial planning tips, or breaking news and emerging trends from the world of finance. Rosen's Financial Literacy Online Resource is the complete package. It is both a veritable wealth of curriculum-related and personal interest information and a highly involving and engaging user experience that guarantees regular and repeated visits.

This fully-loaded resource meets or exceeds emerging state and national curricular and testing standards for economics and personal finance. Covering subjects like the principles and processes of market economics, money and financial institutions, the role of government, trade and globalization, personal finance, and career skills and entrepreneurship, the Financial Literacy Online Resource offers an all-encompassing, 360 degree, top-to-bottom immersion in this most vitally important but poorly understood Social Science. More than 70 articles explore and illuminate the full extent of the field, from macro-, micro-, and global economics to personal and household finance. The articles examine everything from globalization, recessions, inflation, deficits, the stock market, goods and services, trade, bailouts, and stimulus plans to credit cards and credit ratings, personal debt, budgeting and financial planning, investments, and saving for college. These articles—fresh, lively, and immediate—do what would seem to be the impossible—they make the daunting intricacies and complexity of economics and finance both readily comprehensible and highly engaging to young readers. An early education in both the fundamentals and finer points of economics and personal finance—one that demystifies the science and reveals its essential logic and readily comprehensible mechanics—is absolutely necessary to encourage the development of an informed and unintimidated population, one that will take active control of its own future and make the wise and educated decisions that will protect the long-term interests of the individual, the family, the community, the nation, and the world as a whole.

Prices for annual subscriptions range from $595 to $1195 depending on the size of your school or library. Please call 1 (877) 381-6649 for pricing for your school or to set up a free trial.

ISBN: 9781477704295
© Year: 0
Program: Financial Literacy Online Resource
Reading Level: Grade 7 - Grade 12

Database Review: Financial Literacy
"This excellent database is highly readable and researchable for high school and college students struggling to make sense of this complex subject. ... This is a landmark resource for students to educate them and help them apply these concepts."
—Library Media Connection

Database Review: Financial Literacy
"Financial Literacy covers a wide range of economics topics both in terms of microeconomics and macroeconomics. ... Important to educators at this time is the fact that both series has been designed with Common Core learning standards in mind, which I take to mean that they are both informational texts of high quality. ... Financial Literacy meets a need. ... there is no question in my mind that Financial Literacy has the weight and breadth to replace a traditional high school economics textbook."