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Top STEM Careers in Science

Paperback Book

ISBN: 978-1-4777-7666-7
Program: Cutting-Edge STEM Careers
Features: Introductory and Epilogue Material, Sidebars, Bibliography, Further Reading, For Further Information Section, Glossary, Index, Author Biography, Web Sites

Science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) careers are believed to be the best opportunities for young people today, and this resource outlines the best options for those who are interested in the sciences. This volume covers several career clusters, including environmental science, biofuels, hydrology, genetics, and agriculture, among others. It also outlines what students need to do to prepare for a STEM career in science as well as the future of these exciting new areas. This title is a perfect resource for young people who have a deep interest in the sciences and are looking for the best opportunities.

ISBN: 9781477776667
Paperback Book
© Year: 2015
Program: Cutting-Edge STEM Careers
Reading Level: Grade 9
Size: 9 X 6