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Teaching Financial Literacy Through Play


ISBN: 978-1-4994-9019-0
Program: Teaching Through Games

It may only be play money, but the games in this book can help students better understand how important financial literacy is in their real lives. Play-based lesson plans in the book cover topics including spending and saving, risk assessment, and return on investment using fast-paced board and card games. A larger capstone game pulls together all of the concepts in a market-driven game that places students in the role of stockholders investing in and managing train companies. Who will use financial savvy to turn the biggest profit? Games: High Society. Reiner Knizia. Gryphon Games, 2008. Can't Stop. Sid Sackson. Gryphon Games, 2011. Panic on Wall Street. Britton Roney. Marabunta, 2011. Chicago Express. Harry Wu. Queen Games, 2007.

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ISBN: 9781499490190
© Year: 2015
Program: Teaching Through Games
Reading Level: Grade 10 - Grade G
Size: 9 X 6