Rosen Phonics Readers
Rosen Phonics Readers is a complete and comprehensive classroom program created with both quality of instruction and economy of time in mind. Rosen Phonics Readers provide authenticity in linguistic context to contribute to a complete learning experience for students, while also providing educators with an easy go-to program for either primary or supplemental use.
Phonics is the method of teaching children to “sound-out”, or decode words. Children learn to recognize each of the phonemes in the English language and their associated graphemes, and how those sounds and letters combine to form whole words. Phonics therefore can be seen as a set of rules about lettersound correspondences that readers must learn to recognize and use automatically.
Phonics as a method of teaching English has been subject to some valid criticisms in the past. The Rosen Phonics Readers program is designed to address those criticisms, most importantly the authenticity of instructional materials. The best educational experiences are authentic—those that place the skills, rules, or ideas being taught in real context. To be most successful, beginning readers need the opportunity to immediately place phonics rules in context of real, relatable stories.
Each Rosen Phonics Reader does just that, providing essential explicit phonics instruction with the benefits of embedded phonics (the Whole Language approach).
Concise and easy-to-reference suggestions for whole class and small group instruction are included in the back of each book. All readers are also leveled using Fountas and Pinnell levels (A-D), for easy integration into any Guided Reading or literacy intervention program. Educators can thus differentiate instruction and implement the program in the way they feel best benefits their unique learners or classrooms.
Grades Pre K–2 (A–D)
Rosen Phonics Readers
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