Social and Emotional Learning for the Real World
Support personal and social growth in all early readers.
Social and emotional learning (SEL) is paramount in today’s education, from preschool to high school. Children of all ages benefit from learning and applying the skills and attitudes needed to foster healthy relationships, make good choices, manage emotions and behaviors, overcome stress and challenges, and care for others. This collection provides early elementary readers with accessible text and vivid visuals to serve as their first introduction to SEL skills and attitudes. Young readers will learn how to show respect and empathy for others, do their work, and reach their goals. These invaluable skills will support personal and social growth and set a strong foundation of SEL for each early reader.

  • Content aligns to the CASEL framework for effective social and emotional learning programs.
  • Titles are presented as leveled readers so students can both learn to read and read to learn.
  • Paired nonfiction and fiction texts may complement each other or stand alone, ensuring the topic is covered no matter the student or teacher’s preference.
  • Teacher guides equip instructors with vocabulary, background information, text-dependent questions, and meaningful practice and activities for each title to support instruction.
Grades K – 1 | Single Copy Set
Grades 1 – 2 | Single Copy Set

Social and Emotional Learning for the Real World

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