Discovering Ancient Technology

When people think of technology, they often think of robots, smartphones, electric cars, and other fairly modern inventions. However, the ancient world was filled with its own kind of technological wonders, too, some of which we still use today. From irrigation systems and farming techniques to calendars and pyramids, readers are introduced to a wide variety of scientific and engineering achievements made by ancient peoples such as the Egyptians, Aztecs, Chinese, and Greeks. Colorful photographs and illustrations with clear labels work together to help readers visualize the exciting world of ancient technology.

Each Book Contains:
• Sidebars that break down technical specs and other essential information that supports a deeper understanding of science, technology, engineering, and math
• A detailed timeline of technological and historical developments in specific parts of the ancient world
• Text and images that clearly explain how different technology worked and how certain inventions were made in ancient times

Curriculum Connections:
• Historical context supports social studies curriculum topics related to the ancient world and specifically ancient civilizations in Greece, Rome, Egypt, Mesopotamia, China, and the Americas
• Readers are able to trace a clear line from ancient technology to today's world, allowing them to better understand how the past influences the present
• Content supports cross-curricular learning as readers enhance their knowledge of both social studies and STEM concepts

Product type: Single Copy Set
ISBN: 978-1-5026-6966-7
Copyright: 2024
Reading Level: Grades 4-5
Interest Level: Grades 4-6
Dimensions: 6 1/2" x 9 1/8"